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Jindřich Lípa calls his works ’unending pictures’, eager to show the unending relations of all stages of creation to the time dimension. This painter brings his fantastic world radiating in his paintings, but also capable to live according to ceremonials of the supernatural. Works of art for interior in architecture are created though free of space laws. He has in mind artistic value of colour as plastic object possessing luminous quality. The artist constantly verifies the capacity of artistic means, attacks all traditional canons in art, inspires himself by the world both of consciousness and unconsciousness, feels existential states crippled by contemporary civilization. The specificity of author´s vision is rooted in his simultaneity of pictorial motives. Pictures of Lipa create a conflict between order, geometry and disorder, between an organic, uncontrollable elements. Combining different drawings and paintings techniques he either develops his constructivist spirit. We see two controversial tendencies – constructivist and expressive. Each painting of Lipa is seen as expressing a characteristics Lipa´s style expressionist artwork. It is a style of music performance, a style having equally abstract content. Assuming that imagining is different in kind from hallucination, an imagining on its own, of any content and no matter how ´rich and vivid´, is insufficient to produce structured experience. This imagining presumably must involve imagining an additional fictional context in which the content of the original fiction is embedded. Modern art, accordingly to Foucault, ´must establish a real rapport with that which is no longer the nature of ornamentation, which is no longer the nature of imitation… but that is the nature of stripping naked, of demasking, of scouring, of excavation, of the violent reduction to elementary existence.´ This excavation of the elemental, characteristic of visual modernity, is increasingly prevalent from nineteenth century onward, also in paintings of Jindrich Lipa.

Prof. PhDr. Miroslav Klivar

World Distributed University, Brusel
Member of The American Society for esthetics